We are Food Editors

Food editors are experts of the culture of food and drink; journalists and
authors who convey the pleasure of good food and drinks. They develop
recipes, write cook books and guidebooks, organise seminars and moderate
events. They are responsible for culinary contributions in newspapers and
magazines, broadcasting and TV, and online. They test food, drinks and
restaurants, write food reviews and publish wine, travel and
restaurant guides.

Food editors promote a healthy and contemporary diet for children,
adolescents and adults. They contribute to the shaping of public
opinion and promote young journalistic talent.

Together in the Food Editors Club

In the Food Editors Club, experts for food and drink exchange their
opinions and experiences. They aid one another in research, offer advice
and open doors. Four regional groups in Hamburg, Berlin, the Rhine-Main
area and Munich organise regular meetings to further education and the
exchange of experiences.

The annual convention of the Food Editors Club takes place every spring
in varying locations in Germany and Europe.

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